Hello, my name is Critic of Critic Zone but that is not my real name more of a persona. The purpose of this blog is for me is to talk about any kind of subject that’s rather appealing to me such as movies, books, and pop culture.  I chose movies because well… who doesn’t like the movies the way the credits start and then the music cues in. Then your surroundings get dark while your holding your buttered popcorn. If the movie drew you in…you hope it changes your perspective when its over. Books are quite enjoyable, such as pros novels and graphic novels. One of the things I like about pros novels is that there can be many interpretations regarding the story and character. Some examples are “To Kill A Mockingbird” and “The Catcher in The Rye.” Both of these stories are coming of age stories that explore the loss of innocence. Comics or graphic novels as some people like to call them (my mom likes to call them chapter comics instead of graphic novels) are a great medium because you can get away with stuff you couldn’t in pros. Just check back for more reviews.

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